UN LUOGO DI DELIZIA. Tra analogico e digitale

2/2020, dicembre ISBN: 9788855222457pp. 35 - 53 DOI: 10.48247/P2020-2-003


John Conway’s The Game of Life, Craig Reynold’s boids, chess machines, Generative Adversarial Networks are just a few, significant examples of the exploration possible today thanks of computers in domains that in the past were considered beyond the computational possibilities of a machine: essentially, life and intelligence. The essay aims in the first place to show how difficult it is now to defend, in these areas, distinctions of principle, once their conceptual architecture is captured by an algorithm and returned digitally by simulations of increasingly finer grain; secondly, instead, to shift attention to the world, understood as the background, the surrounding area to which the figures of meaning that describe the behaviors of the living or those of intelligence depend.

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Adinolfi, Massimo. "UN LUOGO DI DELIZIA. Tra analogico e digitale". Pólemos I. 2. (2020): 35-53 https://www.rivistapolemos.it/un-luogo-di-delizia-tra-analogico-e-digitale/?lang=en
Adinolfi, . (2020). "UN LUOGO DI DELIZIA. Tra analogico e digitale". Pólemos I. (2). 35-53 https://www.rivistapolemos.it/un-luogo-di-delizia-tra-analogico-e-digitale/?lang=en
Adinolfi, Massimo. 2020. "UN LUOGO DI DELIZIA. Tra analogico e digitale". Pólemos I (2). Donzelli Editore: 35-53. https://www.rivistapolemos.it/un-luogo-di-delizia-tra-analogico-e-digitale/?lang=en




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