About this Journal

Pólemos. Materials of philosophy and social criticism (ISSN: 2281-9517) has started its publication in 2006 upon inspiration of Professor Paolo Vinci of the “Sapienza” University of Rome, Department of Philosophy. With the active work of young scholars, researchers and students, we have published important contributions from well-known scholars, such as Slavoj Žižek, Axel Honneth, Mario Tronti, Christoph Türcke, Christoph Asmuth. Over the years, our journal has published monographic issues on Hegel (Paths in practical philosophy), Marx (Capitalistic nomos and the critique to political economy), as well as address discussions and analysis on work, philosophy of history and imagination. In general, our attention focused on contemporary issues analysed in the light of the Hegelian-Marxist heritage (School of Frankfurt, post structuralism and hermeneutics). Moreover, each issue includes unpublished contributions, translations of original texts and new editions of relevant philosophical essays. From 2015, in the light of an adaptation to the international parameters of evaluation, the journal is starting a new course. In addition to a general renovation of the scientific board and an opening to new collaborations, Pólemos is committed to publish two issues per year, includes a site in English and Italian, and introduces a system of call for papers and peer review. The journal is currently managed by Pólemos – Associazione di Studi Filosofici.

Scientific Editorial Board
Massimo Adinolfi, Emmanuel Alloa, Christoph Asmuth, Gabriella Baptist, Massimiliano Biscuso, Iain Chambers, Anne Eusterschulte, Luca Illetterati, Marco Ivaldo, Rahel Jaeggi, Jean-François Kervégan, Gaetano Lettieri, Fiorinda Li Vigni, Francesca Menegoni, Sandro Mezzadra, Pietro Montani, Stefano Petrucciani, Mario Pezzella, Edmundo Balsemão Pires, Geminello Preterossi, Ives Radrizzani, Emmanuel Renault, Alexander Schnell, Davide Tarizzo, Elena Tavani, Pina Totaro, Pierluigi Valenza, Paolo Vinci (editor-in-chief).

Editorial Board
Guelfo Carbone, Eleonora Cugini, Fabio Gianfrancesco, Jamila Mascat, Tommaso Morawski, Sabina Tortorella.

Editorial Assistants
Mico Capasso, Giulia Dettori, Fulvia Giachetti, Flavio Luzi, Emanuele Pelilli, Giuliana Scotto, Giada Scotto.


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