Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Pólemos (ISSN: 2281-9517) follows Stamen’s Guidelines on publication ethics  (download statement).

The contributions published in various Sections – re-shaped for the new course (2015 on) – undergo double-blind peer-review procedures, as worldwide adopted by academic communities. The manuscripts received for review are treated as confidential and anonymous. The review, also anonymous, is entrusted to scholars of competence external to Pólemos’ Scientific Editorial Board and performed according to scientific standards stated in Pólemos’ Review Form for Reviewers. The Reviewers express assessment with the help of clear and documented arguments, taking into account prerequisites set by Editors. The assessment obtained by reviewing is transmitted anonymously to Authors only, and is not used in any case for personal gain (see further details in Publication Ethics).

The Review Forms are stored in a private archive, which is only accessible to Pólemos’ Director and to the National Agency of the University Evaluation and Research (ANVUR). Pólemos publishes each year, in the second issue of the year, the list of Referees, and also publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.


Instructions for Authors
Guidelines: Before sending your contribution, please consider the Guidelines for authors.

Rights and Permissions: For each contribution, the Authors should submit the Declaration of Compliance and Release concerning copyrights or acknowledgment, with own signature and date, to the following addresses:

The lack of these documents undermines the publication of the submitted contribution. The submission is free of charges. At the time of submission, papers must be unpublished, and should not be submitted to other Journals.


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