Mask, Voice, People

1/2020, Luglio ISBN: 9788855221153pp. 41 - 68 DOI: 10.48247/P2020-1-004


To try to understand the relationship between instigation and follow-up, this article goals is to take into consideration the issue of that voice which unites a multitude, Voice that a group needs follow and listen since it recognizes itself as such. Therefore, I want to ask the question: what makes a voice the only voice of many? In more precise terms: what is the voice of a people? I would like to study the moment when the mass, the multitude and the people no longer get confused but separate. The reference author is Thomas Hobbes, the theme is the agreement or pact that establishes the state, the god is obviously the deus mortalis, the great, frightening Leviathan who stands out in the famous engraving of the frontispiece of 1651.

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Cavalletti, Andrea. "Mask, Voice, People". Pólemos I. 1. (2020): 41-68
Cavalletti, . (2020). "Mask, Voice, People". Pólemos I. (1). 41-68
Cavalletti, Andrea. 2020. "Mask, Voice, People". Pólemos I (1). Donzelli Editore: 41-68.




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