1/2020, July ISBN: 9788855221153pp. 125 - 140 DOI: 10.48247/P2020-1-008


If we talk about restitution, it is certainly not to undo or overthrow the destitution – thus starting a hellish circle. Let us try instead to return the question here called “destitution” to its context, in order to situate it. Return to resituate. Our situation, or our more or less common site – to us that we deal with the thing called “political” – is actually that of a general detachment. As happens regularly, epochal configurations are given: ours is that of a detachment, a distrust or contempt for politics. There are several expressions: if some want to reopen or reinvent politics, others try to go beyond it, or retreat it, or even displace it. My aim is to consider Agamben’s own gesture in relation to this overall situation, addressing both what distinguishes it and what resonates with others.

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Nancy, Jean-Luc. "Restitution". Pólemos I. 1. (2020): 125-140
Nancy, J. (2020). "Restitution". Pólemos I. (1). 125-140
Nancy, Jean-Luc. 2020. "Restitution". Pólemos I (1). Donzelli Editore: 125-140.



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