Destituent Power and Critique of Realization

1/2020, July ISBN: 9788855221153pp. 15 - 24 DOI: 10.48247/P2020-1-002


What i have seemed to understand in recent months is that we can think what a destituent power is, only if it is subjected to a decisive critique and if we get rid of a concept that has dominated and continues to dominate Western thought and politics surreptitiously: the concept of realization, With this term I refer ti the idea that political action consists in “realizing” in practice a doctrine, a philosophy, an ideal or a project or whatever else you want to call this kind of obscure presupposition of every political practice.

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Agamben, Giorgio. "Destituent Power and Critique of Realization". Pólemos I. 1. (2020): 15-24
Agamben, G. (2020). "Destituent Power and Critique of Realization". Pólemos I. (1). 15-24
Agamben, Giorgio. 2020. "Destituent Power and Critique of Realization". Pólemos I (1). Donzelli Editore: 15-24.



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