Genealogy of Far-Right Accelerationism

1/2022, March ISBN: 9788855224826pp. 261 - 294 DOI: 10.48247/P2022-1-014


Drawing on Furio Jesi’s 1979 Cultura di destra [Right Wing Culture], this article sketches a preliminary genealogy of fascist accelerationism, a distinct current of white supremacist militancy responsible for a considerable number of North American mass murder events over the span of four decades. After positioning Jesi’s theory of fascist violence within the broader methodological turn of his late period work, the article proceeds to outline three key features of right-wing thought: a language of wordless ideas, a funerary religion of exemplary deaths, and a repertoire of militant yet militarily “useless” tasks. Resisting the tendency either to over- or under-politicize these deadly events, Jesi’s analysis instead allows us recognize the operation of a mythological machine that animates white supremacist mass murders over the past half century. The aim of this article is to trace the genesis and mutation of this machine, with particular emphasis on the period from 1975 to the present.

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Aarons, Kieran. "Genealogy of Far-Right Accelerationism". Pólemos III. 1. (2022): 261-294
Aarons, . (2022). "Genealogy of Far-Right Accelerationism". Pólemos III. (1). 261-294
Aarons, Kieran. 2022. "Genealogy of Far-Right Accelerationism". Pólemos III (1). Donzelli Editore: 261-294.




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