ASSEMBLY. Notes on Fugitivity and Capture

1/2021, December ISBN: 9788855224819pp. 33 - 56 DOI: 10.48247/P2021-2-003


The article takes its starting point from Assembly (2022) by Rashaad Newsome. An ambitious and complex work (performance, installation and workshop at the same time), it is proposed as a multifaceted celebration of Voguing, a dance style codified in the United States during the 1980s in the context of gay, queer, black and Latin ball culture. This text focuses on the participatory practices that characterize the work and the conception of assembly that it conveys. Finally, recalling Fred Moten’s work on the concept of “fugitivity”, an open problem is outlined. How do we define lines of escape in the face of neoliberal attempts to co-opt those radical social demands characteristic of blackness aesthetics and recently embodied by the latest wave of Black Lives Matter?

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Baravalle, Marco. "ASSEMBLY. Notes on Fugitivity and Capture". Pólemos II. 1. (2021): 33-56
Baravalle, M. (2021). "ASSEMBLY. Notes on Fugitivity and Capture". Pólemos II. (1). 33-56
Baravalle, Marco. 2021. "ASSEMBLY. Notes on Fugitivity and Capture". Pólemos II (1). Donzelli Editore: 33-56.




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