L’ARTE DI LEGARE. Incanto, estetica del disincanto, reincanto critico

2/2021, dicembre ISBN: 9788855224819pp. 157 - 180 DOI: 10.48247/P2021-2-009


The lands of image, enchantment and magic are dangerous, complex but important to cross for anyone who wants to try and find the tools to “tear the canvas” of the spectacular entertainment and the phantasmagoria of the commodities we live in. In this essay, the attempt is to outline an analysis of the disenchantment, re-telling the fairytale of the triumphant modernity, and debunking the myth which accompanies it, in order to find the light between the cracks and to imagine possibilities for re-enchantment. The goal is to show how, with the height of disenchantment – from the nineteenth century, with an exponential increase in the last two decades – coincides the definitive disconnection between aesthetics and politics, with the consequence of handing over images to capitalism, totalitarism and neoliberal governance. This analysis will be useful to build the premises of a broader thesis. It is necessary, in order to re-enchant the world and to imagine future cosmogonies, to start from where the gap started to widen: to rebuild the connection between aesthetics and politics, to act in a prepolitical dimension by regaining a critical contact with enchantment, the images and magic, starting from an aesthetic of connections.

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Agati, Natalia. "L’ARTE DI LEGARE. Incanto, estetica del disincanto, reincanto critico". Pólemos II. 2. (2021): 157-180 https://www.rivistapolemos.it/larte-di-legare-incanto-estetica-del-disincanto-reincanto-critico/?lang=en
Agati, . (2021). "L’ARTE DI LEGARE. Incanto, estetica del disincanto, reincanto critico". Pólemos II. (2). 157-180 https://www.rivistapolemos.it/larte-di-legare-incanto-estetica-del-disincanto-reincanto-critico/?lang=en
Agati, Natalia. 2021. "L’ARTE DI LEGARE. Incanto, estetica del disincanto, reincanto critico". Pólemos II (2). Donzelli Editore: 157-180. https://www.rivistapolemos.it/larte-di-legare-incanto-estetica-del-disincanto-reincanto-critico/?lang=en




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