Responsibility and Agreement

1/2023, luglio ISBN: 978-88-5522-620-2pp. 123 - 142 DOI: 10.48247/P2023-1-007


Responsibility is a strong concept; demanding that agents do what is necessary. By not acting on our responsibility, we are, in fact, acting wrongly. As fundamental as this concept is in our daily interactions, its derivations and applications are multiple and extremely complex. Thus, one can read in many newspapers how it is our responsibility to stand by Ukraine in times of war. Or lawsuits increase the pressure on states or individual actors, whose responsibility is, in this way, judicially established. It is in this sense that the German Constitutional Court recently established the responsibility of states towards future generations through a groundbreaking ruling. But what does responsibility mean? And who can determine whether a claim of responsibility is justified and well-founded? And finally, the eternal question: how can we or why can we make well-founded claims that are applicable in the empirical field?

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Zucca-Soest, Sabrina . "Responsibility and Agreement". Pólemos IV. 1. (2023): 123-142
Zucca-Soest, . (2023). "Responsibility and Agreement". Pólemos IV. (1). 123-142
Zucca-Soest, Sabrina . 2023. "Responsibility and Agreement". Pólemos IV (1). Donzelli Editore: 123-142.




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