Can the reflection about Political Theology, still today, give to us a compelling instrument in order to take in charge the fundamental problems raised by the philosophical interrogation in front of the political urgency of our Time? And to what extent we need, once we recognize this alleged utility, it need to be emancipated from the Political Theology tradition? The theoretical debate, today current more than ever, that runs around this topic, it seems however to confirm the actuality of the question: even when the interpretative polarisation reaches its acme, whether we think we have to use Political Theology to gain an access to the comprehension of the present, or we think we must quit with that once for good, we reach an interrogation field from which philosophy seems not able to get out, on which – even critically – it can’t renounce to confront with. Facing the manifold, global political scene, in the past decades philosophy ran different paths: the one of an onto-theo- logic foundation of Sovereign Power, the one of a microphysics of biopolitical power, the other of a governmental paradigm of the Oikos that would sink its own roots in a certain theological tradition.
Next issue of Pólemos. Materials of philosophy and social criticism aims to revisit this topic, not necessarily in a philosophical way only, in order to test it both in the frame of today’s political life and in the different paths philosophy traversed with it.

Some possible topics for submission include:

  • Political Theology and Democracy’s Crisis
  • Secularisation and critique of Modernity
  • Political Theory and Analysis
  • Boundless Violence and safe Life: political Theology today
  • Religion, Faith, critical Thought. Political Theology beyond western Boundaries
  • «Auctoritas, non veritas facit legem»: philosophical, historical, juridical outlooks

Submission Guidelines:

Articles should not exceed 40.000 typewritten characters, including spaces. Authors must include an English abstract (1.000 characters). Manuscripts should be submitted by the on line submission form by October the 12th , 2015 (.doc, .docx or .odt are accepted). Please place papers and abstracts together in one document and ensure that it is suitable for anonymous review. Papers directly connected to the theme are especially encouraged, but also papers on other topics, which are philosophically connected to it, will be considered for publication. Papers in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish are accepted.


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